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Currently, Sweet Goodbye products can only be purchased online, via the following online stores:

Just as you would with a human family member, it’s best to be as prepared as possible for when that sad time comes to say goodbye to your beautiful pet. If you can plan ahead of time how you want to bid your friend farewell, the process will be a little easier to bear. So rather than wait for your pet to fall ill, perhaps when he or she reaches a certain age you could start to prepare for the inevitable. Many people tell us they like to let their pets sleep on the COCOON or CLOUD, so they’re cozy and comfortable with it in advance.

Planning ahead helps. We advise you to order early, especially because of possible unexpected delays in delivery.

In such a case, please reach out to your local veterinarian. Most vets will offer to store your pet free of charge until you're ready to make those final arrangements. We have also had customers use quality personal storage products to keep their pets close by at home, while awaiting the arrival of their Sweet Goodbye farewell kit.

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Refunds & Exchanges

Yes we can offer a refund or exchange as long as the original item is returned to us within 30 days of purchasing. Check our Returns Policy for more information.


A Sweet Goodbye Pet Burial & Cremation Ceremony Kit helps ease a sad parting, providing comfort at a very difficult time. You’ll be able to say goodbye in a personal, respectful and dignified ceremony that honors your beloved friend and all the days you shared together. You’ll find greater peace knowing that you gave your cherished pets the love and care they so deserved right through to the end, wrapping them in love as they are laid to rest.

All Sweet Goodbye Pet Burial & Cremation Ceremony Kits consist of a ‘soft pet casket’ made from high quality Merino Wool or 100% Natural Cotton and various biodegradable memorial elements to help create your own special ceremony in honor of your beloved pet.

All the eco-friendly memorial elements in the Ceremony Kit are handmade with love by family businesses in Nepal and Bali, Indonesia.

The materials used for each product are listed here:

Sweet Goodbye COCOON® (Premiul Wool) materials

Sweet Goodbye COCOON® (Classsic Cotton) materials

Sweet Goodbye CLOUD® materials

Note: With each item individually handmade, slight variations in finish and color may occur, enhancing the unique nature of Sweet Goodbye products.

All Sweet Goodbye Pet Burial & Cremation Ceremony Kits are beautifully handmade with natural, biodegradable materials. All farewell kits come with various memorial elements to help create your own special ceremony in honor of your beloved pet.

Every Sweet Goodbye Pet Burial & Cremation Ceremony Kit includes:

  • Sweet Goodbye COCOON® shroud or Sweet Goodbye CLOUD® pouch - with a name label you can personalize and a range of beautiful colors from which to choose
  • Ceremony Guidebook – a 24-page guidebook to help create your own special ceremony in honor of your beloved pet. The book contains some loving last words to help say farewell to your best friend, as well as blank cards for personal letters and drawings to help express your own love and loss.
  • Garland – a lovely handmade heart and flower garland that can be used to tenderly adorn your pet while preparing them snugly inside their Sweet Goodbye COCOON®
  • Memorial Marker – a beautifully handcrafted, upcycled wood carving to always remember them by. You can personalize this with your pet's name.
  • Carry Bag – a re-usable bag that you can use to store keepsakes, your pet’s toys and accessories, or use as a tote or laundry bag

The flexible material of the Sweet Goodbye COCOON® shroud and Sweet Goodbye CLOUD® pouch allows you to include your pet’s favorite toy and small mementos.

Designed in Australia in consultation with vets, the majority of Sweet Goodbye products are handmade with love in Nepal and Bali, helping family businesses in these countries. There’s a special place in our hearts for all animals, so we are committed to using earth-friendly materials and sharing part of all profits with charities we believe share our values and philosophies regarding the care and treatment of all animals. Sweet Goodbye products are protected by worldwide patents.

Sweet Goodbye has been awarded ‘Best for Pet Memorial Services – 2019 and 2020’ by LUXlife Magazine.

"... many companies are focused on making the lives of pets as comfortable and fashionable as possible. However, less consideration is given to what happens after they leave. Sweet Goodbye aims to remedy this by offering a range of gifts, kits and burial solutions designed to make every pet’s ending as unique as their life was." - LUXlife Magazine


Sweet Goodbye offers a variety of eco-friendly, handcrafted Pet Burial & Cremation Ceremony Kits to suit pets of all sizes. Our Size Guides will help you select the right farewell kit for your beloved friend.

How to Measure:

The most critical measurement is the approximate length of a pet from tip of nose to base of tail when lying down. Although the Sweet Goodbye products are adjustable, when in doubt, we recommend getting the bigger size.

View Size Guides

There are three (3) things that will help you choose the right Sweet Goodbye product for your beloved pet:

  1. Your pet’s type and size
  2. Your preference of material (wool vs. cotton)
  3. Your budget

All Sweet Goodbye ‘soft pet caskets’ are beautifully handmade with gentle, flexible, natural materials. They are eco-friendly and biodegradable. They each come in a range of sizes and a selection of 9 attractive colors. All products come with various memorial elements to help create your own special ceremony in honor of your beloved pet.

Use the comparison below to help with your choice.

Sweet Goodbye Product

COCOON (Premium Wool)

Pet Type: Dogs and Cats - Dogs of all breeds and Large Cats
Material: New Zealand Merino Wool
Budget: From $169.99 (S) to $359.99 (XL)

COCOON (Classic Cotton)

Pet Type: All-sized Pets - Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Hamster, Bird, Reptile
Material: 100% Natural Cotton
Budget: From $89.99 (XXS) to $249.99 (XL)


Pet Type: Smaller Pets - Small Cat, Petite Dog, Rabbit, Hamster, Bird, Reptile
Material: New Zealand Merino Wool
Budget: From $69.99 (S) to $89.99 (L)

All Sweet Goodbye products are biodegradable, come in 9 beautiful colors, and include all ceremony elements: Ceremony Guidebook, Garland, Memorial Marker, Carry Bag.

We’ve got these ‘How it Works’ videos for each of our product range. Simply click on the video links below.

Sweet Goodbye products are made from eco-friendly materials and designed for both ground burial and cremation. If you prefer burial for your pet, you can choose a pet cemetery as its final resting place, or home burial if preferred and allowed. Make sure you check local Government Laws so you know if home burial is permitted in your area.

If you choose the burial option and it is allowed, make sure your pet is buried deep enough to prevent wildlife from disturbing the grave. And remember, if you do bury at home, that you may not be able to take your pet’s remains with you if you move.

Click here for a directory of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories

The Sweet Goodbye CLOUD® and COCOON eco-friendly soft pet caskets are intended for use after your pet has died as a beautiful way to wrap them in preparation for burial or cremation. 

Some pet parents choose to add the COCOON to existing bedding ahead of time, so it becomes familiar to both pet and family. Others use the COCOON to help transport and carry their aging, sick or injured pet to the vet’s office before they pass away.

Each Sweet Goodbye CLOUD® and Sweet Goodbye COCOON® have a built-in 100% biodegradable absorbent pad, perfectly fitted to each size, for protection and moisture management so you won't have to worry about leakage and soiling problems when transporting and burying your pet.

Each Sweet Goodbye COCOON® have a strong, built-in 'cradle' that makes lifting and carrying safe and easy while keeping your pet secure and protected from the elements.

  • The XXS, XS, Small and Medium sizes have the loop (gym bag style) carry handles
  • The Large and XL sizes have wooden rod handles (two on each side, for total of 4 rod handles). This makes it easy for 2 to 4 people to carry heavy pets.

Here’s a wonderful testimonial from a customer who used the XL size to carry her 154lb (70kg) Bernese Mountain Dog...

Hi team, just wanted to send a quick message in between my tears. Today I said goodbye to my best friend. Having the XL Sweet Goodbye made the process 10x more bearable. I laid the garland and some flowers on him and covered him with his shroud and we placed him gently in his last resting place. I don't know how we would have done this without your help. Honestly having the whole thing was helpful beyond measure. Having to lift a 70kg friend into his resting place was never a worry knowing I had the handles. Being able to cover him respectfully and pat him through the top whilst waiting to settle him. It calmed me in a time of distraught. My mother was with me and was so happy I bought it. We will be purchasing one for her elderly dog to have in hand when the time comes. -Kaitlyn

Every Sweet Goodbye Pet Burial & Cremation Ceremony Kit includes a 24-page Ceremony Guidebook containing some loving last words to help say farewell to your best friend and more. There’s also a heart and flower garland that can be used to tenderly adorn your pet and a beautifully handcrafted, upcycled wood memorial marker you can personalize. Our aim is to help you honor your best friend’s life and in particular, comfort young children, with a ceremony that is unique and inspiring.