Compassionate Solutions for Veterinarians

At Sweet Goodbye, we understand the importance of providing compassionate care to pet owners during difficult times. We're dedicated to partnering with veterinarians like you to offer supportive solutions for pet farewells and memorials.

How can you partner with us?

Option 1 - Purchase Our Veterinary Range - CARE CRADLE® and PET WRAP

Our eco-friendly Pet Body Wrap & Transport Kits offer a respectful alternative to plastic body bags, sheets, and towels commonly used during euthanasia.

Designed with input from vets and animal aftercare professionals, these kits feature a 100% natural cotton wrap to keep pets snug and secure, paired with a sturdy cradle for discreet and dignified transportation within your practice and beyond for burial or cremation.

Option 2 - Stock Our Consumer Range - CLOUD & COCOON

Enhance your practice by offering our consumer range of compassionate pet farewells and memorials. Featuring the Sweet Goodbye COCOON® (Classic Cotton) - for all sized pets, the Sweet Goodbye COCOON® (Premium Wool) - for cats and dogs and the Sweet Goodbye CLOUD® - For small pets. Available with competitive wholesale pricing and flexible ordering options.

Try our Clinic Starter Kits

Step into the Sweet Goodbye family with our Clinic Starter Kits, crafted specially for veterinarians like you. These kits offer an opportunity to immerse yourself in our range of products, all at a discounted rate with free shipping included.

Select from three unique options, each thoughtfully curated to align with the needs of your practice. With our Starter Kits, you'll receive the complete Sweet Goodbye experience, allowing you to feel the quality, compassion, and warmth of our offerings firsthand.

  • CLOUD Starter Kits for Clinics - 4 x Small, 4 x Medium and 4 x Large
  • COCOON Starter Kits for Clinics - 4 x Small, 4 x Medium and 2 x Large, 2 x XL
  • CARE CRADLE® Clinic Starter Kit - 1 CARE CRADLE + an additional 2 x Pet Wraps

If you’re interested in purchasing a clinic starter pack, get in touch with our team via the contact form below, or email us at

How to get started?

  1. Get access to our wholesale price guide + clinic starter packs by putting in your details below.
  2. Get in touch with our wholesale team to discuss what options are right for your practice and explore partnership opportunities. Simply fill in the form, or get in contact via the information below.

Whether euthanasia takes place at your clinics or your client's homes, the Sweet Goodbye CARE CRADLE® changes everything. It helps pet parents say farewell to their much loved animals with dignity and respect, providing comfort during a very painful time.

Dr. Katrina Warren, Veterinarian and Media Presenter

I am LOVING the CARE CRADLEs. They are an absolutely beautiful and dignified way to help clients say goodbye to their loved ones. They're just perfect to wrap their pet and so discreet when I carry them out of the apartment or house. Which is so important in NYC where I often have to go through large apartment buildings and walk on a public sidewalk. Some clients also want to help me wrap their pet making it into a little ritual. It's just so much more elegant and beautiful to wrap them.

Dr. Jessica Fragola, Veterinarian and Founder of Paws at Peace
New York, USA

I have received many warm compliments about the CARE CRADLE, especially regarding the design of the inner wrap with the beautiful blue heart design. The family seems comforted and often participates in the solemn act of covering their beloved pet for the last time.

Dr. Shannon Axiak Flammer, DACVAA, Palliative Vet Mobile Practice

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