The Sweet Goodbye story began with a very special pet – a dark brindle Staffy cross called Nikita. Our Founder, Natalie Venosi, had always shared her life with pet dogs and knew the pain of losing these special friends.

When Nikita reached 13 years, Nat started worrying about the future. In her words:

“Having lost other beautiful dogs, I just didn’t know how I’d possibly cope when it came time to let Nikita go. I dreaded and feared that inevitable deep sorrow.”

She voiced her anxiety to close friend Madé Wirawan – a humble Balinese rice farmer Nat has known for many years. With grace and gentleness, Madé told Nat about the Balinese custom of adorning their deceased pets with beautiful trinkets and jewelry and wrapping them in a shroud – just as they would a family member. This has been an age-old tradition in indigenous cultures across the world, including among Native Americans and Australia’s Aboriginal people who honor the passing of pets as very special members of their families.

Madé spoke of the farewell rituals involved and then presented Nat with some items to take home and use when the time was right. Just having a bag containing those precious items hidden in the back of a cupboard helped Nat to feel better prepared for whenever that dreaded day arrived for Nikita.

“Of course there was desperate sadness, loss and grief when Nikita passed,” said Nat. “But performing a ritual as Madé had suggested using the symbolic items to honor Nikita and prepare for her release, brought me so much comfort.

There was a sense of celebrating and remembering her life. Time passed and my initial grief transformed into a revelation that I could share with others the process I had used to help deal with my own pain over losing Nikita.”

That was the beginning of Sweet Goodbye, which has now evolved into solutions with a step-by-step guide to help us all prepare to farewell and celebrate the life of our beloved pets. We hope our pet burial and cremation farewell kits bring you peace and comfort in your time of need.

The Greater Good

At Sweet Goodbye, we believe in running an ethical, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly business. When you purchase a Sweet Goodbye product, you are:

Empowering Communities

Assisting family businesses in developing countries by sourcing the majority of our products from handmade artisans in Nepal and Bali. We proudly adhere to the 10 Principles of Fair Trade as prescribed by the World Fair Trade Organization.

Environmentally Conscious

Our products prioritize natural, biodegradable materials wherever possible. We prioritize sustainability, ensuring minimal environmental impact while offering beautiful farewells to our beloved pets.

Supporting Animal Welfare

We dedicate a portion of all profits to charities that focus on animal welfare, such as Animals Asia and The Orangutan Project. By choosing Sweet Goodbye, you contribute to our shared values and philosophies regarding the care and treatment of all our furry friends.

Awards & Recognition

Sweet Goodbye has received numerous awards and recognition for our dedication to excellence and innovation in pet farewells and memorials. These acknowledgments underscore our commitment to providing compassionate solutions for pet owners during times of loss and our continuous efforts to improve and innovate in the pet industry.

Pets of Sweet Goodbye

Introducing Buffy the labrador. She models some of the Sweet Goodbye products and is a much loved member of the Sweet Goodbye pet family.

Obie's a medium sized Groodle (Golden Doodle) who loves a cuddle in the Sweet Goodbye warehouse and is owned by Lucy our Website Coordinator.

Iggy the Staffy spends 99% of her time lazing in her beanbag snoring, and is owned by Jordan our Digital Marketing Manager.

Meet Rado AKA Naughty Tortie owned by Chelsea, our resident Vet Nurse and Warehouse Coordinator.

Dexter loves his morning tummy rubs and belongs to Sharon, our Social Media Manager.

The beautiful Chuck is owned by Sharon our Social Media Manager. Chuck loves his squeaky toys, and no it's not an error, Sharon does have two pets!