Whether you operate a boutique pet store, a veterinary clinic, or an online retail platform, our products are designed to meet the needs of pet owners during their time of loss.

With a commitment to personal, respectful, and dignified farewells, Sweet Goodbye has assisted thousands of customers worldwide in navigating the difficult process of saying goodbye to their beloved companions - and we're excited to present our range of compassionate pet farewells and memorials tailored for retailers and stockists, just like you.

Why stock Sweet Goodbye?

A Sweet Goodbye Pet Burial & Cremation Ceremony Kit helps ease a sad parting, providing comfort at a very difficult time. Your customers will be able to say goodbye in a personal, respectful and dignified ceremony that honors their beloved friend and all the days they shared together. 

All of our farewell kits come with various memorial elements to help create your own special ceremony in honor of your beloved pet - including:

  • Sweet Goodbye COCOON® or CLOUD® - with a name label you can personalize and a range of beautiful colors from which to choose.
  • Ceremony Guidebook – a 24-page guidebook to help create your own special ceremony in honor of your beloved pet. 
  • Garland – a handmade heart and flower garland that can be used to tenderly adorn your pet while preparing them.
  • Memorial Marker – a beautifully handcrafted, up-cycled wood carving to always remember them by. You can personalize this with your pet's name.
  • Carry Bag – a re-usable bag that you can use to store keepsakes, your pet’s toys and accessories.

How to use our Pet Farewell Kits

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High-quality, eco-friendly products crafted with care.

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We've Helped over 1,000 Pet Owners Globally


Having to lift a 70kg friend into his resting place was never a worry knowing I had the handles. Being able to cover him respectfully and pat him through the top whilst waiting to settle him. It calmed me in a time of distraught.

Kaitlyn G.
South Australia, AUS

We liked the cocoon so much that we ordered three more for our remaining pets - it's comforting to be prepared in advance and avoid the wait for shipping.

Jill F.
Tennessee, USA

Worth it! I'm so glad I bought this. The comfort it brought me on the hardest day is priceless.

Ashley W.
Connecticut, USA

Saying goodbye to our almost 20 year old cat was almost unbearable, but it was comforting to be able to place her in this little cocoon for her final resting place.

Elizabeth L.

I just recently lost my dog of almost 14 years. She died in my arms and it was so comforting having this to wrap her body in afterwards. It felt very respectful and loving. I’m so glad I bought this when I found out she was sick. It was a great way to honor her. I highly recommend it.

Florida, USA

It helped my family and young children say goodbye. The book comes with some poems on saying goodbye and talks about the kit and what makes it special. My 6 year old daughter found this to be really helpful and I felt like she got comfort from it.

Holiday Mama

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Ethical and Sustainable


The majority of our products are handmade with love in Nepal and Bali, helping family businesses in these countries. Sweet Goodbye has a special place in our hearts for all animals. We are committed to using earth-friendly materials and sharing part of all profits with charities we believe share our values and philosophies regarding the care and treatment of all our animal friends.