Pet Burial or Cremation


Deciding between pet cremation and burial is a deeply personal decision. Whether or not it is right for you, your family and your pet will depend on many factors from your religious beliefs to your financial situation. In the end, you have to choose what’s most comfortable for you and your family.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both cremation and burial. Most people choose cremation as it’s readily available and usually more economical. If cremation is your choice, you may prefer to have your vet handle the arrangements. However, if you’d prefer to handle the arrangements yourself, you can contact a pet cremation facility directly.

If you prefer burial for your pet, you can choose a pet cemetery as its final resting place, while home burial is a good option for many people. Make sure you check local Government Laws so you know if home burial is permitted in your area.

If you do choose this option and it is allowed, make sure your pet is buried deep enough to prevent wildlife from disturbing the grave. And remember, if you do bury at home, that you may not be able to take your pet’s remains with you if you move.

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