Saying Goodbye To Your Senior Cat | 8 Ways To Make Their Last Days Special


As our feline friends get older, they become more vulnerable and susceptible to health issues. The final weeks of their time with us are precious and it should be filled with love, comfort and cherished moments.

Here are eight things you can do with your senior cat to ensure their final days are enjoyable and memorable, and to ensure you are prepared for their passing.

Create a cosy and familiar environment.

Setting up a cosy sanctuary within your home where your cat can relax and feel secure, a place they can rest, which is undisturbed. Maybe place their favorite bed, their blanket, their toys in that area, minimise any noises and disruptions, and create a space that promotes relaxation. This allows your cat to retreat when they need space, and it makes them feel more at ease and able to relax during their final days.

Offer them gourmet meals and treats.

As cats get older and particularly in their final years, their appetite does tend to decline due to various factors, things like illness or discomfort. So a way we can make their last week special is indulging them with gourmet dining experiences, offering them a variety of their favourite treats. Make sure they're high quality, easy, digestible, and special meals that you know are made up of food that they love. You might even consider preparing a homemade dish that you know will tantalize their taste buds. It also gives a bonding experience. It's an opportunity you can shower them with love through enjoyable meals.

As with senior dogs, there are many ideas for last meals.

Grooming and pampering.

Senior cats struggle grooming on their own and they appreciate the extra care and attention you can provide them during their final days. Give them a gentle brush to remove loose hairs and matting- this not only keeps them clean, but it is soothing and a beautiful bonding experience.

We all love a massage, as do our senior cats. A gentle massage will help alleviate any stiffness or discomfort. Any form of pampering will help your cat feel loved and cherished during their final days.

Capture and collate precious moments.

Documenting the last week of your senior cats life through photos or videos creates lasting memories.

You may also have a collection of videos and pictures already – spend the time collating and creating a visual tribute to your cat.

You will find comfort looking back at the bond you created and the time you shared.

End of Life preparation

In the last week of your cat's life, you should make sure they are as comfortable as possible. Consider arranging a visit from a compassionate vet who specialises in an end-of-life care - they can have a look at your pet's condition, provide any pain management if needed, and some guidance on how you can help make your cat's final days as peaceful as possible.

You should also consider how you're going to farewell your cat. It may be that you decide to give them a little ceremony, or wrap them in their favorite blanket, or a cocoon, or something similar. Prepare for how you're going to say goodbye because when the time comes, we don't always think straight.

Play music and reflect

Music has a powerful impact on both humans and animals, by creating a soothing atmosphere for your senior cat by playing soft and calming music in their space. Choose instrumental tracks or music specifically for designed for cats, as these can have a calming effect. Gentle background music can contribute to a tranquil environment, promoting relaxation and comfort.

You may even consider holding a little vigil in honor of your cat. Create an atmosphere with soft lighting and the calming music, and spend some quiet moments reflecting on the memories you've shared throughout their life.

Engage in gentle, interactive activities

Your senior cat may not have the energy for vigorous play, but they do like to engage in gentle, interactive activities. This provides a meaningful way to spend time together. Use soft toys or feathers in light play sessions provides mental stimulation, and again, reinforces the bond you share, making the last week a time of connection and love.

Establish a comforting routine

Maintain a routine in the last week that can provide a sense of security. Stick to regular feeding times, ensure they have access to water and continue with any established rituals. Familiarity and routine contribute to a stable environment, helping your cat feel safe and loved during this tender time.


The last week of your senior cat's life will undoubtedly be a challenging and emotional time. Embracing this time with love and compassion ensures that your senior cat departs this world surrounded by warmth and the enduring bond you've shared throughout their life, providing comfort as they embark on their journey across the rainbow bridge.