If Your Pet Could Request a Last Meal, What Would it Be?


If your pet could request a last meal, what would it be?

This has been a topic of discussion at Sweet Goodbye HQ over the last few weeks, and it would seem we all have different ideas as to what our beloved pets would like.

One thing we all agree on is we should treat them to their favourite meal, or if our vet allows, let them have something that would normally be forbidden.

Your pet's final moments should be happy and filled with whatever gives him or her joy - be it a steak dinner or a take away burger and chips. Whatever special treat your pet might like is fine.

So to share some of our ideas, we've curated some of the most delicious (and partly forbidden foods!) you could prepare for your pets last meal.

Bacon and Peanut butter sandwich

Grab a slice of bread – toast it if that what your pet would prefer – then lather a very thick layer of peanut butter across it. Cook some bacon and the place the cooked slices across the peanut butter and serve. For a a sweeter tooth, drizzle some maple syrup over the sandwich before serving.

Sardine Frosted Cup cakes

Whilst this is a recipe for human consumption, your pet is also sure to enjoy it.

Although this recipe has onion and onion flavouring, you can easily adjust to simply making vanilla cupcakes, a rich and colourful frosting and topping with a sardine.

Steak cooked in butter

This is a favourite of one of our staff’s Maltese Shitzu - but if it was his last meal, the steak would be thick cut eye fillet. Melt generous amounts of butter in a frypan, place the eye fillet and cook approx. 4 minutes on each side so its medium to rare. Cut into slices and place into dog dish. Serve when cooled.

Tuna and crab with whipped cream

Your senior cat will love this one. Simply purchase some tins of tuna and top with whipped cream. If you can afford to and it’s the right season, fresh tuna and crabbed would provide your senior feline a taste sensation.

Roasted Turkey and chicken with sweet potato and gravy

You can’t go past a good roast meal. Roast your pets favourite meat - our senior dogs would choose chicken - add in some roasted sweet potato and top with lashings of gravy.

Charcuterie board

Gather all the people food your pet would normally crave and prepare a feast!

Think cheese, chocolate, strawberries, pate, crackers and prosciutto. Arrange it beautifully on a pet friendly platter and set it up in a special place where you and your pet can enjoy these last moments together.

Ice cream with chocolate topping and peanut butter


See how creative you can get. Splurge on the best ice-cream you can find, consider chocolate shavings instead of topping and be sure to add generous blobs of peanut butter.

Peanut butter smoothie with ice-cream and yoghurt.

Many of our senior pets have lost teeth, so any food that requires chewing may be difficult for them to consume. So make them a smoothie!

You can get very creative here, using yoghurt and ice-cream as a base, add anything your senior pets loves. We suggested peanut butter as it is an all-time favourite, but you could add sardines, or liver or even meat if that what your pet fancies. Just be sure to give it a good blend so there are no lumps and can easily be licked up from your pets food dish.


Our research showed that most people preferred to let their pet indulge in a take away meal from their favourite drive through. Not only do their pets enjoy the car ride, they get to eat food they would have only drooled over before. This is also an easier option for most people as they are coming to terms with the impending passing of their pet, their ability to prepare a special meal is diminished as they begin to grieve.

Of course, what you decide to give your pet for its last meal or perhaps meals, will depend on a number of factors:

  • Are they able to eat – some pets are so sick, they just are not able to eat anything or they simply don’t feel like eating.
  • What they like to eat – some pets are fussy eaters or their taste has changed as they aged.
  • Some pets may have to fast in their final days so may not be able to eat at all.
  • MOST importantly, what the vet advises. Be sure to check with your vet before you give your pet anything that they have not normally eaten.