Make Your Pet’s Final Day Beautiful with Sweet Goodbye

Wear Wag Repeat PODCAST EPISODE 205 - February 2022: Make Your Pet’s Final Day Beautiful with Sweet Goodbye’s Natalie Venosi

Tori Mistick, presenter of the Wear Wag Repeat podcast, as seen on Good Morning America, invited Sweet Goodbye Founder, Natalie Venosi as a female entrepreneur in the pet industry, to chat about how she's working to change saying the final goodbye to our pets from a sad time to a beautiful celebration of life.

In Tori's words: "Nobody wants to talk about facing their pet's final days, but this conversation with Nat sparked a mindset shift for me and I'm sure it will do the same with my listeners."

Episode Blog Post:

Watch on Youtube: Celebrate Your Pet's Life with Bali-Inspired Burial Shrouds: Sweet Goodbye's Natalie Venosi | Ep 205