Giving our Pets a Sweet Goodbye by Pet Memorial Photographers

Pet Memorial Photographers January 2023 blog on 'Giving Our Pets a Sweet Goodbye'

Thinking about the day we have to say goodbye is such a tough subject for pet lovers, but it’s a sad fact of life that, sooner or later, we have to bid farewell to our best friends.

An Australian company called Sweet Goodbye is helping to ease that transition. They provide Pet Farewell Ceremony Kits for burial or cremation that include beautifully handcrafted, eco-friendly shrouds – i.e. soft pet caskets – along with a 24-page guidebook to help create your own special ceremony; a handmade heart and flower garland to tenderly adorn your pet; and a beautifully handcrafted Memorial Marker, hand-carved from upcycled wood.

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