Dr. Katrina on preparing to say goodbye to a pet


Channel 9 TODAY EXTRA - November 2021: Dr Katrina Warren talks on preparing yourself to say goodbye to your pet. Hard but important topic.

Thank you TODAY Show for inviting me to talk about preparing to say goodbye to a pet this morning. It is a topic that is not discussed enough, yet it is something that all us devoted pet owners must go through. It’s definitely the hardest part of pet ownership and it’s really, really tough.

The recent years have seen home euthanasias becoming more popular as this allows for a more peaceful and private farewell. It's usually more comfortable for the pet and they can have their home comforts for their final moments.

We are generally terrible at planning ahead for these things, but I know from experience that a little preparation and thought can make a huge difference on the day, know you are all set up to give your pet a dignified goodbye.

I was extremely blessed to have been given a beautiful Sweet Goodbye COCOON several months before sweet Riley passed and it was the most beautiful way to send him off. The Sweet Goodbye COCOONs are the most beautiful shrouds to wrap your pet in, with a thick wool or cotton outer layer to keep them snug, safe and peaceful. I found enormous comfort in this and have since given these products to several friends who have all felt the same way.

They come in a big range of colours and sizes too. You can see two of the beautiful shrouds in the photo that i have posted with Chill.

There are also gorgeous products available for smaller pets. You can see all their beautiful products here https://sweetgoodbyeforpets.com/

** Please note, this is not a sponsored post – I'm just sharing a product that made a heart-wrenching time a little bit easier for me. I would love to hear your own stories about ways you have honoured your pets. The more we about this topic, the better. Any for anyone facing this time, I send you all my love as I truly understand the heartache. xxx

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