Our Five Feline Favourite Foods


Ready to pamper your senior feline friend?

We’ve done it for the dogs now we have searched out five feline favourite foods.

We love both our senior dogs and our senior cats at Sweet Goodbye, so we've rounded up the most delicious, nutritious meals tailored to senior cats that you can prepare at home - and with ease!

Featuring the favourite foods of felines, these delicious, nutritious homemade recipes are designed to meet the nutritional requirements of ageing cats. We are sure they’ll  have your cats purring with delight.



Boiled, roasted or grilled, cats find chicken irresistible. Full of protein, amino acids and assorted vitamins and minerals, chicken is whisker-licking good!

Give this cooked chicken breast recipe a go!


Many cats have a strong affinity to liver.  It’s a good source of vitamins and minerals including vitamin A. Chicken or beef liver are a favourite. But don't go sharing your pate with your feline friends, the extra ingredients may be harmful.

This Raw chicken liver and Salmon recipe is delightful.


You are right, this is not technically a food. It’s a herb, and one would argue that with a name like this it is an obvious choice for cats. But did you know it has a euphoric effect when a cat chews or rubs against it. Cats find it highly stimulating and enjoyable.

Try these Homemade Catnip Biscuits.


Cats love the smell and taste of fish, especially salmon.

Not only does fish taste good, it provides your cat with essential omega 3 fatty acids for a healthy coat and skin.

This Tuna and Mackerel feast is a winner!



Beef  is rich in essential amino acids and contains many other nutrients that cats need to be healthy. Lean mince is always better than that with higher fat content.

Avoid feeding your cat meat that is not fresh, cats are usually fussy enough and are likely to turn their noses up if the beef isn't fresh!

Our senior cat licked the dish clean when we prepared this Beef and Rice dinner for her.


Our senior feline friends need fewer calories and less fat in meals so be sure to look for high quality , easy to digest  food to maintain good overall body health.

By adding these recipes to your senior cats diet, you are making sure their senior years are filled with delicious and nutritious meals. What a wonderful way to show your senior cat the love and care they deserve.

However, as with all cat health related information, Sweet Goodbye recommends consulting with your vet before making any significant dietary changes for your senior cat.