Writing A Eulogy For Your Pet


It is never easy losing a beloved pet. They are more than just animals – they are cherished members of our families, companions who have been with us when we have experienced joy and pain.  They have bought us immeasurable comfort and support and when it comes time to say goodbye, we know it will be a heart wrenching experience.

One way we can honour and pay tribute to our pet’s is by writing them a eulogy.

Whether you do this alone or involve family and friends, here are 12 tips to help guide you through the process.

  1. Take Your Time to Grieve.

Allow yourself space and time to grieve before you think about putting pen to paper. Losing a pet is a profound loss and you will feel a range of emotions - mourn in whatever way feels right for you. 

  1. Reflect on Your Pet's Life.

What made them special? What memories standout the most? Take the time to sit down and reflect on your pet’s life – the moments you shared together, their favourite activities and quirks they had. These reflections will become the foundation of your eulogy.

  1. Involve your children.

If you have children, you should consider including them in the eulogy writing process. For many children, their pet was there when they were born and the loss will be very emotional. Encourage them to share their favourite memories and stories about their pet – this not only helps them process their grief, but it will also help foster a sense of closure and healing.

  1. Capture your pet’s personality.

Like humans, pets have unique personalities. Whether your pet is quiet and timid or mischievous and playful – try to capture who they were and what made them so special to your family when writing your eulogy.

  1. Share Touching Anecdotes.

Personal stories will help convey the depth of the bond you had with your pet and the impact they had on your life. Incorporating these into your eulogy makes it more intimate. Don’t be afraid to get emotional, this only reiterates the love shared between you and your pet. 

  1. Focus on the Positives.

We can easily fall into a world of negativity when we are grieving, so we need to focus on the positive aspects of our pet’s life. Celebrate they joy they brought into your home, the times they made you laugh and the unconditional love they shared with you and your family. 

  1. Consider your Audience.

When writing your eulogy, consider who you will be sharing the moment with. Tailor the wording to resonate with them. Consider the aspects of your pet’s life and personality that are most likely to tug at their heart strings. 

  1. Be Creative.

Your eulogy doesn’t have to just be a speech, consider incorporating photos or videos in your eulogy. You may even have your children to draw or paint a picture to add to it.

Adding these personal touches can add richness to the tribute.

  1. Keep the Memory Alive.

Consider ways you can keep your eulogy for years to come. Revisiting a eulogy and looking back at photos and videos on the anniversary can be a beautiful ongoing tribute. Look at recording it audibly, video recording or create a lovely scrapbook that contains the written words and mementos.

  1. Write it Early.

Being prepared for your pets passing before it happens ensures your eulogy is prepared with time and consideration and not whilst you are an emotional wreck dealing with the sadness of the loss.

  1. Consider a Ceremony.

Consider using your eulogy as part of a ceremony. Get your children involved, maybe ask them to write a poem or even recite their own eulogy. Sharing memories with family and friends is a powerful way to say goodbye and honour your pet’s life.

  1. Practice Self-Care.

Whether you are writing a eulogy preparation of your pets passing or after, it is an emotionally draining experience. Be sure to look after yourself throughout the process. Take breaks when you need, maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly and seek support and guidance from your support network.


Writing a eulogy is not just about saying goodbye; it's also about seeking closure and healing. It is a very personal and meaningful.  What you write will not only honour your pet’s memory, it will celebrate the bond you shared. Whether facing it alone, or with your family and friends by your side, take the time to embrace the process. Know that your furry friend will always be with you in spirit and the love you shared will never be forgotten.