Planning Ahead for a Sweet Goodbye


Losing a much loved pet can be just as painful as the loss of a human family member. Planning ahead and preparing for your special friend’s last days can help you deal with the coming loss.

Whether a serious illness lets you know that time is drawing near or it’s simply a matter of old age bringing the end inexorably closer, if you plan ahead and make decisions in advance, you’ll be better able to enjoy your pet’s final days with a clear mind, reflecting on the wonderful times you’ve shared instead of making last minute arrangements when in an emotional state.

So you should decide in advance (e.g.) if you prefer burial or cremation. If you choose the former so you have a place where you can visit your pet in future, you’ll need to decide on the burial site. If the latter, you may need to engage the services of a pet funeral home.

You may decide to leave your pet’s journey to its final resting place in the hands of your vet, or you may prefer to handle the farewell yourself. Either way, you’ll need to think about the best way to say goodbye… do you wrap your special friend in a soft shroud for burial or cremation, or choose a more traditionally rigid box or casket? Do you want to organize a pet memorial stone or other marker?

Then there’s the farewell itself. Often a short ritual or funeral ceremony can help the whole family process their grief and better deal with the loss. You may even wish to hold a little ceremony while your pet is still with you, giving everyone the chance to express their love and sadness out loud or in a letter. And if you’re a religious person, incorporating your beliefs into your pet’s final days may also prove helpful. Again, you’ll feel much better if these things are planned in advance.

Preparing a plan and making these difficult decisions early can bring you some comfort when it comes time to deal with your beloved friend’s last days.

While it’s not possible to ever completely prepare for the loss of a pet, there are some practical things that can be planned ahead that will help ease the emotional grief when that sad time comes. Having a Sweet Goodbye Pet Burial & Cremation Ceremony Kit at home and ready for that fateful day will make things easier for you to properly honor your beloved pet.