Help from Peer Support Groups


Joining a peer support group for the loss of a pet whether in person or online, can be the most beneficial gift that you give to yourself. While friends, family and neighbors may empathize with what you are going through, only those that are in the same situation can truly know how you feel.

A support group offers a kind of sanctuary and with the help of a therapist, can assist in guiding you through the various moments of grief and anxiety. Whether you are in the middle of your loss, planning a pet memorial or dealing with a pet burial or cremation, those in your group will know exactly what you are experiencing.

Peer Support Groups (U.S. and global)

  • APLB Pet Loss Supports Groups (U.S. by State) - a nationwide directory of pet loss support groups, compiled by the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement (APLB)
  • iHeartSeniorDogs - join this Facebook group of over 125,000 members who love their senior dogs
  • The Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss and Grief Support – join this Facebook group of over 33,000 members who support people who have lost their beloved furbabies of all kinds and need a place to grieve without having to worry about people saying "It’s just a pet."
  • Wolfie's Wish Pet Loss Support Group - A 'pawsitive' place for those who have lost a pet. Wolfie's Wish provides free virtual support, simple healing practices and resources for those suffering from pet loss.
Peer Support Groups (Australia)