Choosing the best way to farewell your pet


When that sad time comes to say goodbye to your beautiful pet, it’s best to be as prepared as possible. If you can plan ahead of time how you want to bid your friend farewell, the process will be a little easier to bear.

One of the tough decisions to make is whether to leave your pet’s journey to its final resting place in the hands of your vet, or whether you’d like to handle the farewell yourself. Either way, you can decide the way to best farewell your pet, and how you’d like to wrap your special friend for burial or cremation. 

To help you with your choices, here’s some information so you can make an informed decision:

Farewell Shrouds

The Sweet Goodbye COCOON® (Premium Wool) is the pet farewell kit for dogs and large cats while the Sweet Goodbye CLOUD® is for smaller pets. The new Sweet Goodbye COCOON® (Classic Cotton) caters for all-sized pets.

  • These handcrafted premium shrouds are made of soft, quality natural woolen or cotton layers to keep your pet snug and secure - a much nicer feel than a hard box or rigid pet casket.
  • The flexible natural material allows you to include your pet’s favorite toys within the shroud
  • Includes a strong built-in carrying ‘cradle’ to make lifting and carrying safe and easy for you, while keeping your pet secure and protected from the elements
  • Suitable for either burial or cremation
  • Full range of sizes can accommodate very large dogs right down to the smallest of pets
  • Your choice of a rainbow of colors so you can personalize your pet’s farewell
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Includes a Ceremony Kit - a 24-page guidebook to help create your own special ceremony in honor of your beloved pet, a colorful Garland and a hand-carved wooden Memorial Marker, which can be personalized with your pet’s name.