Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Sweet Goodbye pet farewell ceremony kits special?

Which Sweet Goodbye product is most suitable for my pet?

Do you have a Size Guide?

What materials are used to make Sweet Goodbye products?

What memorial elements come with the Ceremony Kit?

Is there room to include my pet's toy in the COCOON or CLOUD?

Where are Sweet Goodbye products made?

Where can I buy Sweet Goodbye products?

Are the Sweet Goodbye CLOUD® and the Sweet Goodbye COCOON® suitable for burial or cremation?

Do I use Sweet Goodbye CLOUD® and COCOON before or after my pet passes away?

Do Sweet Goodbye CLOUD® and the Sweet Goodbye COCOON® have moisture absorbent features?

How can Sweet Goodbye COCOON® help carry and transport heavy pets?

How does Sweet Goodbye contribute to a family farewell ceremony?

How can I be sure to have a Sweet Goodbye COCOON® or CLOUD on hand when the time comes?

How do you keep my payment information safe?